Convertible Speaker System
High Fidelity with Attitude

The C-Series with its Remote Mount Tweeter System (R.M.T.S) allows you the ability to go from a coaxial mounting to remote mount of your tweeters without losing performance.



Coaxial Speaker System
High Value and High-End Performance

The ON-Series coaxial feature poly coated pressed pulp cones, with adjustable angle 25mm high-end silk dome tweeters which combined create a system that produces dynamic detail and uncolored sound.



Full Range Class-D Amplifiers

A new class of high-efficiency Class-D amps with music in mind. The new OnCore P-Series amps use the latest technologies to create audiophile-grade audio with efficiency.



Conceived in the Competition
Lanes Designed by Music Fanatics

The SM-Series shallow mounting subwoofers that do not sacrifice performance. With its dynamic punch and life-like tones, the SM-Series set a new standard in sound quality and performance.

Mission Statement:

At OnCore, our mission is to bring back dynamic and stunning audio to everyone. Come with us and discover audio like never before and learn a few things that you never knew.

About Us:

Everyone deserves a great audio system, at Oncore this belief is at the heart of our thinking, this drives all our designs and engineering. At Oncore, launched in Los Angeles in 2017, we make it our mission to build the very best we can for true audio reproduction. From years in the competition lanes and from the depths of R&D, we are true audio geeks. We breathe this stuff and we even dream it. Oncore is where passion and audio come alive.

Research and development are Key to Oncore, we spend countless hours designing and listening to perfect our products. We have a true passion for audio and will never stop testing or designing for the betterment of our customers.

Artists and Engineers have spent a lifetime making the music that will move our souls, so let us reproduce your audio experience without prejudice and with passion.